The Highville is a fashion and social entertainment platform. The aim of The Highville is to organize auctions where you can obtain brand new luxury items at affordable prices through a new dynamic game. The items belong to the following categories: accessories, clothing and jewellery. The website can be visited for free, but the use is only allowed for registered customers who have previously reviewed and accepted our General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Terms. The Highville platform is owned and managed by the company ERRIGUA OFG, S.L.


The following General Terms and Conditions of Use on The Highville platform manage the relations between ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. and Registered customers.

In the General Terms and Conditions of Use the following definitions are applied: 
  1. / and are the links to the online auction service (events) managed by ERRIGUA OFG, S.L.
  2. User: Any person not registered in
  3. Register User: Any registered user in

ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. can change these terms and conditions at any time notifying these changes to the platform users. These changes are considered automatically accepted by registered users unless the user shows their disagreement within 30 days after notification. In this case, ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. reserves the right to respond to this rejection in 30 days. If the member does not accept these amendments, ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. will be able to finish the service. ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. can review these Terms and Conditions.


The bidding service on the auctions is only granted for registered users. Any user must declare to be over 18 years and own legal capacity to act as a registered user. If the member does not comply these requirements, it can be unilaterally excluded (temporarily or permanently) from The Highville. Any registered user must present at the time of registration, the name, email address and any other information required. All the information must be completed truthfully. The registered users must inform ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. about any modification on the registered data without any delay. The registered users are responsible for any damage caused by negligence on the notification of incorrect or incomplete data. The registration is free. The registration and the purchase of a bidding card enables to registered users to use the services of The Highville. ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. can refuse registration if necessary.  

Access credentials (User & Pass) must be used exclusively by registered users. Registered uses must keep their data secretly. If any registered user perceives non-authorized accesses or if they suspect an abusive appropriation of their credentials, they must immediately inform ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. through our Contact Us section. Registered users who do not comply with the reporting obligations of abuse are responsible for any unauthorized use of your logon credentials. The user uses the website at his own risk. The company has taken the necessary measures within its capabilities and state of technology to guarantee the performance of the website. The company recommends users to take measures to protect the devices used to access to the website.


Registered users consent the processing of personal data by ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. The Company will use the data properly.

Registered may amend the errors "My Account" section..


Registered users can subscribe to The Highville Newsletter. A user can unsubscribe sending us a mail to our Contact Us section.


The rules to win an auction are:
  1. Each item begins from 1 point score and it should reach 100, 200 or 300 points score, depending on the real price of the item.
  2. The score rises 0.05 points each time a user bids.
  3. Each bid costs 1 €, 2 € or 3 € depending on the real price of the item.
The rules to win an auction are:
  1. Bid at least 5 times before the auction score reaches half of the final score (50, 100 or 150 points)
  2. Being the user that bids the most.

You must purchase a bidding card in the "buy card" section to bid in an auction. The Highville sells 4 bidding cards (15 €, 25 €, 40 € and 60 €) VAT included.

Every auction results are published on the web. Registered users accept a contract between ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. and the user.   The user agrees to accept any claim to additional commitments specified in website by bidding in an auction. Registered users can not under any circumstances attempt to distort and manipulate the auctions.  The user cannot use methods designed to interfere the proper auction development. This situation authorizes ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. to take the proper measures. Employees and associates to ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. are excluded from bidding in the auctions announced in The Highville. .  The winner of the auction will immediately receive a confirmation email. All bidders will receive a communication about the end of the auction. ERRIGUA, OFG, S.L. is able to close an auction before it finishes if there are signs that a user has handled the auction. In these cases, the auction will end without holding a contract between ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. and the bidders. The bidders will be refunded the invested amount. 


All prices include VAT. Some other expense will be accepted by registered users (delivery costs).


The Highville administrators contractually agrees to: (1) Ensure a fair and impartial development of the auctions and the efficiency of this site (2) Ensure the proper use of the site by Registered users (3) Delete Registered users activity that could be classified as incorrect or offensive to destabilize the system (4) Not disclose confidential information provided by Registered users at the time of registration in compliance with national legislation privacy (5) Report any changes in the General Conditions of Use.


Using or and its service forbids: (1) the use of the website or service if registered users are under 18 or have been suspended temporarily or permanently; (2) manipulating score auctions; manipulating the structure of discounts cards, manipulating the billing process or the price payable; (3) post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory or slanderous information (including personal information); (4) take action to destabilize the system, to transfer your credentials to other users without the consent of site ownership, use or publish spam, spread viruses or any other technologies aimed to damage http: // or http: // or its interests and property rights of users of The Highville; (5) copy, modify or disclose the contents of the website or the intellectual property rights and trademarks; (6) copy or disclose manually or automatically revealing information about registered users (7) plagiarism of the web. The auctions rules have been protected by intellectual property and block any person to use the auctions dymanic (patented game ERRIGUA OFG, S.L.) (8) the use of the trademark The Highville with defamatory purposes. The brand has been registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) by ERRIGUA OFG, S.L., which owns the trademark rights.

The user agrees to use the website and its contents in a diligent, proper and lawfully way. In addition, you agree not to use the website for commercial purposes.


ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. reserves the right to monitor the compliance of these Terms of Use. Any violation will authorize ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. the user suspension.

In case of serious or repeated violations from registered users, the administrators can delete the profile of the user and will not have access to new services without the administrators permission.

Either the user or ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. can extinguish the commercial relationship anytime


The web / ERRIGUA OFG, S.L. property and it is covered by intellectual property legislation. It is forbidden its total or partial reproduction or modification.


The contract is governed by the Spanish law. 

The auctions will take place in / and its mobile app. If unexpectedly, the system fails it will not be attributable to negligence to ERRIGUA OFG, S.L.